Aaron Letandre — Welfare Bvm

Aaron Letandre

 Aaron Letandre — Welfare Bvm. This man will mooch off you till you’re dry, he’ll act like he’s all harmless and candy till he will get his method into your home then BAM entire totally different individual. He tousled my uncle Rodericks dwelling not too long ago from not paying lease when he was purported to, he had a canine too that he simply up and deserted as a result of he couldn’t deal with it as Aaron was to busy spending his welfare on booze and pepsi and capsules. He’s attempting to get custody of his youngest who must be in Colorado proper now in class however she’s simply falling behind as a result of Aaron refuses to ship her again to her mommas, this man can’t even deal with himself, not to mention his daughter? Pfft, poor woman will likely be uncared for and her youngster tax will likely be spent on medication and different women take out meals and plastic earrings.

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