Adriana Malo Kaysen – Mate Poacher Of The Year

Adriana Malo Kaysen

Adriana Malo Kaysen – Mate Poacher Of The Year. Adriana Kaysen doesn’t care if a person is in a long-term relationship. It means nothing to her and he or she’ll step up in your man regardless. Adriana wanted some work executed on her home. A mutual good friend referred her to my boyfriend of 15 years. Whereas working at her dwelling she stepped up on my man, realizing he was in a long-term relationship. Three months later, he left me for her. I by no means noticed it coming. She didn’t give a sh*t that my boyfriend was in a long-term relationship, nor did she care concerning the world of ache she knew she would inflict upon me. She poached my man and by no means thought twice about it. It’s been absolute hell and torture. Sure, he’s in charge however, there’s an unstated rule amongst girls & that’s, don’t mess with one other girl’s man. A taken man is off limits! Interval! Many individuals on the town know her… She’s a very long time waitress at a preferred breakfast café on the town. Individuals suppose she’s so good, then I inform this story & they see this girl for who she actually is – a lady who’s morally bankrupt, manipulative and solely cares about herself. She’s disgusting and must study some desk manners.

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