Alanna Hunter Dore — Alanna Hunter Disgusting MethHead Slore Floozy

Alanna Hunter

Alanna Hunter Dore — Alanna Hunter Disgusting MethHead Slore Floozy. Vancouver and surrounding space watch out for this soiled soiled slore Alanna Hunter she’s a methhead disgusting slore floozy she says she’s going to depart the nation on a regular basis and she or he by no means does this lady is nothing however a liar she’s a patch liker loves the 81 her husband Henry by no means gave her a dime once they separated she thought she was going to get cash from him and take the home yea that didn’t go in her favour she is totally broke on a regular basis has no cash ever all the time out of a telephone has no telephone no automobile, her son is within the states residing along with his grandmother trigger Alanna is so unfit in caring for her son Alanna tries to tug the being pregnant card when a man tries to depart her! She tries to borrow cash, rips individuals off on the every day your typical floozy methhead that’s Alanna Hunter beware decrease mainland beware!!!

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