Aldi — Rude Checkout guy. I put my grocery items on the conveyor belt. Waiting to get served it was o Saturday 20 may at 8.40pm. Then I heard the cashier get angry at the Customer infront of me .Only be because the customer put 2 different type of apples in the same bag . He got angry at the customer and said in a angry voice don’t do that nexted time! Rudly.He is forgetting who’s paying his wages. He could said nicely to the customer can you please don’t do that again. Then after customer paid he did say thankyou to the customer. He was in a hurry to go home. Then he scanned my groceries didn’t even say hello or didn’t care of my presence .because I couldn’t keep up with slanted fast scanning packing the bags I could see the anger in his face:. I just bought $150 in groceries I’m a regular customer .After I paid he didn’t even bother to say thankyou .like the cashier usually very professional. I don’t know where you get these people from the farm .Because they ate rude as! And Lazy to. What happened to old fashioned good Service ! I would his service a 0 out 10. .He should be sacked giving aldi a bad name : All customers where all winging about him. I hope you do something about him.Im not shopping at that store anymore .I decided I’m going to Coles at aleast they say hello to customers. Sack the cashier!

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