Alex Stevenson — Homewrecker Alex

Alex Stevenson

Alex Stevenson — Homewrecker Alex. This lady is KNOWN to be a house wrecker, stealing child dads from girls who simply had youngsters, dishonest on her relationships, fuking her buddies, and her buddies boyfriends.. yikes, however I imply hey I suppose that’s what occurs when your mommy does the identical issues.. didn’t she catch your dad suking one other girls’s d1ck and that ended their marriage?! Cautious who you name your pals lady;) individuals are bored with your bullsh1t and the house wrecking, no surprise your dad and brother up and left you guys right here in Winnipeg and went to BC- Your poor daddy knew you the place only a h0e so he took your two brothers and determined to depart you right here.. unhappy get some fuking assist Alex your going to be identical to your mother dwelling off males suking d1ck.

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