ALI ‘The Beast’ FARHAT Beware The BEAST

Beware The BEAST

ALI ‘The Beast’ FARHAT Beware The BEAST. Ali seems to be a religious laborious working, family-orientated Muslim. He’s truly a continual liar, a drug consumer and a thief. He professes to have been a WWE wrestling celebrity when in precise reality he had a ‘check out’ at considered one of their Alberta reveals and failed so badly, the backstage managers radioed the referee in his ear piece to Finish this embarrassing debacle get that piece of sh1t out of there !! He began a wrestling gymnasium in Calgary and Dubai the place he needed to rent trainers (as a result of he couldn’t practice them himself since he knew nothing about wrestling) then discovered he wasn’t good at paying them both. He helped himself to college students hard-earned charges $$$ each in Calgary however particularly in Dubai and fled the nation. He could be arrested if he tried to regain entry to Dubai … . He’s a beautiful story teller, however sadly these tales have zero substance to them, simply his vivid wild wannabe creativeness ….keep away from this goof, he’ll solely take your cash and chortle behind your again.

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