Aly toxic cheater in Florida

Aly toxic cheater

Aly toxic cheater in Florida. So this ain’t a loyalty check, because I already know she was disloyal… Now for my peace of mind I wanna know *how* disloyal.

So this is Aly, and we dated from 2019 through last year, and was leading me on since then til about a month ago saying she wasn’t talking to anyone and was “working on us”.

I’ve heard from 2 sources that when she frequented downtown Bradenton and I wasn’t around, she was claiming to be in an open relationship and openly claiming she was a swinger and trying to get others to come to events.

She’s had multiple guys in her DMs on IG, Snap, and Facebook – as well as text convos with unsaved numbers, claiming they were all just friends and platonic.

Well, I’ve seen her contact lists in snap and on her phonebook. I’ve seen thirsty messages and never her checking/telling anyone that she was in a relationship. Kept claiming leaving them on read would work as “no”.

Well some of those people are in this very group!

One of you, I’ve spoken to already – you know who you are and this aint about you.

So fellas, I’m curious…

Who’s chatted with this gal since 2019?

Who received lewds/nudes?

Who has she told to join lifestyle websites or come to lifestyle events and pretend they didn’t know her?

She has been spending the better part of a month slandering me and pointing fingers like she isn’t guilty… I just don’t know *how* guilty.

Feel free to lmk in comments or DMs. This is for my own peace of mind and closure, so confidence will be kept.

Fair warning – she’s not toxic, she’s radioactive. She is unable to be held accountable for anything and will manipulate anyone around her to get her way or mask her behavior.

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