Amie Kathleen Nantes — Ugly Skank Who Fuks For $$$

Amie Kathleen Nantes

Amie Kathleen Nantes — Ugly Skank Who Fuks For $$$. This poisonous sac of trash is as huge a hypocrite as they arrive. Belittles and shames different girl (and intercourse employees) whereas preaching self love and positivity and suxing and fuking anybody and something for a fast buck, most of which she spends on purple hair dye, botox, cosmetic surgery and photoshoots of herself to maintain pretending she isn’t getting fatter and uglier by the second (clearly to match her disgusting character). This hag has used, abused, and cheated on actually each poor man she’s ever been with, however the second they get clever and attempt to dump her filthy a55 she’s going to pull out each act within the guide from threatening to chop herself to threatening to chop them! I heard she’s additionally made a reputation for herself amongst police for her psycho threatening and harassing and even abusing animals! Her tooth are steadily falling out from all of the crack she smokes, and when she’s not smokin and popping it she’s promoting it and her flabby a55 for money, however tells everybody she’s a ‘nurse’ lol. If lies and turds took human kind you’d be taking a look at it! This unhappy ugly loser has actually all of VI wanting her out.

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