Andrei Nico Pablo — Winnipeg Funko Scammer

Andrei Nico Pablo

Andrei Nico Pablo — Winnipeg Funko Scammer. This advantageous piece of trash right here is Andrei Nico Pablo right here’s actually well-known right here in funko accumulating neighborhood no for something good he always talks trash about others for no cause in addition to getting off on it loves to tear individuals off and falsely accuse different sellers of being scalpers and over charging however but he does it on a regular basis himself I offered to him unknowingly on the time lied to me about saying it was for a member of the family he’s somebody that may’t be trusted he’s a snake different factor he’s in his 30s lives at house works for town and his bosses ought to go over his accounts heard he likes to defraud town of Winnipeg.

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