Another homewrecker for Yas Jamie MacCormac PEI

Jamie MacCormac PEI

Another homewrecker for Yas Jamie MacCormac PEI. This little homewrecker stole my man about a few months ago now me and him were dating for almost a year actually he left me for her a month before our 1 year 🤣 classic 🥱 she was apparently fucking him for 4 months while we were together and she can’t say she didn’t know about me either 💃🏻 the whole island knew we were together 🤣 even bought me a promise ring still don’t know what he promised… funny part is I went over to his house like I normally do everything was great we had ya know 😬 lol took me out on a date then took me back home then messaged me saying he was back with her lol she was also his ex🤣 but they both deserve each other cuz they’re both slimey little cunts🥱

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