Arash Samari — Thieving RAT

Arash Samari

Arash Samari — Thieving RAT. This man lives in his mother and father basement swimsuit , the place he Fraudulently says he’s renting out the basement to harmless tenants simply to Rip-off them into paying him injury deposit and first months lease. Then blocks them and tells them beat it ! Also called the largest RAT. Ratted out my homie and a few mad beef went down, however this goof cries his means outa all the pieces!!! Daddy pays for his wheels as a result of he can’t maintain a job. He’s an expert thief and hits and abuses girls. This metropolis must know this snitch thief will destroy anybody’s life he can. Wears a pretend Rolex and pretend Gucci’s however fake to be ballin arduous hahaha Heads up peeps ! Keep protected !

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