Ashley Ettinger

Ashley Ettinger — ASHLEY “I’LL BANG ANYTHING” ETTINGER. Ashley Ettinger is a determined pepsi head, wannabe mannequin and a disgusting pig in each means potential. She doesn’t bathe, doesn’t brush her tooth and she’s going to bang something with a pulse together with her personal brother (I’m sorry HALF brother) with out a condom. She doesn’t care if you’re single or married in the event you acquired a d1ck she’ll leap on it to get her cash , booze and medicines. She’s uncooked dogged some many guys that she will’t pin level precisely which of them are her child daddies. This nasty pepsi snorting b1tch let 5 guys bang her at a celebration simply so she may get a line. She thinks as a result of she’s straightforward that she is horny and fascinating when actually she is a nasty a55 mutt that can pull her crusty pink panties down for something strolling whereas exposing that horrendous BIG BLACK DOG PAW she tattooed on her c00chie. Which is becoming because it smells like moist canine. She continuously cheats on her child daddy then goes dwelling and crawls again into the identical mattress. She is shameless and a disgusting excuse for a human being. Gents keep away from this crusty cvm dumpster in any respect prices in the event you worth your d1ck.

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