Azenda Carty Riggs — Lieing Cheating. Stealing Wife

Azenda Carty

Azenda Carty Riggs — Lieing, Cheating. Stealing Wife. Hello.. my title is Azenda, I’m a mendacity dishonest slore, who left the home, of a wedding of twenty-two years, as a result of I spent all the cash, on myself and pals, to have an affair with a person whereas I’m nonetheless residing in the home whereas the husband works his a55 off to assist his household, to have one other affair with a person nonetheless residing in the identical home for a yr and a bit.. to not solely use him.. however neglect her youngsters. Spend cash left proper and centre, abuse the system, and play the sufferer, I stay in my pals basement, I pay no hire, have used my pals household and lovers to achieve myself, the place my brothers, youngsters and pals gained’t speak to me as a result of I’ve stolen, used, and manipulated my option to the highest as a result of i don’t wish to work… and I’ll use my youngsters to get my approach….. I’m a bit of labor…. and I’ll go from man to man to get my approach… till everybody round me suffers….

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