Becca Anne AKA Savanna Leigh DRDs Infested P1SS SLRE

Becca Anne

Becca Anne AKA Savanna Leigh DRDs Infested P1SS SLRE. This woman actually thinks she is a few kind of social media influencer! In the meantime she’s hooking out of her boyfriends storage, spreading DRDs throughout the west coast. This woman will fuk you for an enlargement pack on Sims, you’ll be able to’t make this up.. the sort that may actually do ANYTHING for the smallest quantity of change. She has completely no respect for herself, you’ll be able to watch her drink pee without spending a dime if you happen to really feel like doing the analysis your self. However then rants and raves that she’s, “each man’s dream”. I seen she claims to be 22 and 130 kilos, that is FALSE. She’s 28 and shutting in on 200 kilos & nonetheless gaining. Be careful for this one! She’s, “the most effective at taking males’s cash”

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