Becky Collison Home Wrecking Pig

Becky Collison

Becky Collison Home Wrecking Pig. Women of Wheatley/Leamington/Kingsville please be careful for the house wrecking fats, skank Becky Collison/Becky Daybreak. In 30 plus years she remains to be the identical mendacity dishonest sl00t she was once I first met her. As an alternative of attempting to interrupt up completely happy {couples} Becky clear your own home brush your yellow tooth and clear your smelly a$$ pu $$y!!! 3 of your exes all stated your house stinks like cat and canine piss and sh$t and your breath and v@g odor even worse.  This b1tch is a gold digging cop caller and has simply had over 50 bfs within the final 4 years with 4 having moved into the slobs home. Fortunately none have been dumb sufficient to place a hoop in your soiled a55 finger since all of them dumped your fats a55. Why are you messaging my husband? Did you not transfer in your social media conspiracy nut/lady beater bf Daryl Burrell? Did you assume individuals in Kingsville wouldn’t discover out about that? You assume Tim can be jealous and wish your fats a55 again? He will need to have cash or promote medicine since thats all you’re nonetheless about 30 years later. He’s an excellent larger loser than you’re pondering you’re some large deal on the town when no person can stand you. Women watch your males and males be sure to wrap it if you’d like this gross and disgusting piece of white trash!!

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