Benjamin Steele F*Ck Boy

Benjamin Steele

Benjamin Steele F*Ck Boy. My pal dated this loser f*ck boy for too lengthy. He was hooked on fentynyl and in rehab for some time. He’s a liar, narcissist, abusive,cheater. He’ll use you and discard you want a chunk of trash. RUN! Being with him might be a waste of your time. Idk what she noticed in him in any case. He’s ugly. He has a giant nostril and a cleft lip. His voice is ugly. He’s ugly on the within, and poor. He’s an abusive *sshole. He actually has nothing to supply. I hate that he used and abused my pal. Keep away. Distant. He in all probability has drds from all girls he’s been with. He additionally hit this woman who he additionally dated and she or he charged him and now he’s on probation. He tried to get the fees dropped by saying he shoved her, when he actually slapped her. This man is clown goof.

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