Billie Jean Ferland — Winnipeg’s Biggest Pepsi Slore

Billie Jean Ferland

Billie Jean Ferland — Winnipeg’s Biggest Pepsi Slore.That is Winnipeg’s greatest pepsi slore she blows an outdated man that owns a scrap metallic yard on essential st for pepsi (crack) and booze cash all of the whereas her 20 12 months outdated boy toy Matthew Swampy is locked up and who she claims she’s getting married to however he’s in jail and he or she’s been on welfare her entire life an wedding ceremony with no revenue lmfao plus she’s 10 years older then him she additionally lied and mentioned she was pregnant however she had her tubes tied and couldn’t also have a child along with her ex of 5 years so how was she pregnant imply whereas she was again along with her ex that she was fuking the entire time she was with Matthew as quickly as Matthew went to jail and used him till she received into rehab males of Winnipeg avoid this drd contaminated slore she has drd.

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