Brianna Gardin Loosey Goosey From 2014

Brianna Gardin

Brianna Gardin Loosey Goosey From 2014. Here we have brianna gardin , biggest sl00t in all of kingston , she will fuk your brother , your dad , she will fuk for free too . If she charged all the people even 5$ that she has slept with , she would be rich . She is the most self centered b1tch ive ever met , biggest pepsi head , meth head out there . She will suck anybodys d1ck , and she will also fuk all your friends , she may be really pretty but she hides behind it , she lies through her teeth , she will control you and not let you have a job or a phone , or any social media . She will fuk Your co workers and all your friends , and then tell them shes not a cheater , this girl is the biggest POS out there . And she will leave fingerprints .

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