Brigita Adomaityte “Smelly Dirty H0e”

Brigita Adomaityte

Brigita Adomaityte “Smelly Dirty H0e”. This lady will screw anybody or something, you simply must have good wheels and money – it doesn’t matter how in case your married , engaged, belief me she coming for you. She hates blacks and new Canadians (even thou she’s a immigrant herself) , she bought fired from her final job for Saying the “N-word” within the workplace (biobest) (she tells everybody it was a layoff) lmfao , it’s a small city Brigita individuals will at all times discover out , identical to they know the way many individuals you’re undressed for – Hearsay has it her underwear comes off once you take off her pants (that’s how lose they’re), Hearsay additionally has it that NO MAN has screwed her twice , they are saying she has the smelliest and dirtiest vagina. Girls in case your man works together with her likelihood is …. sorry she most likely slept with them already. She’s huge into Pepsi and DRD’s – take the advise of the males of Leamington- steer clear of this soiled racy smelly h0e. Return to the nation you have been born Brigita and take your loved ones with you!

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