Brittany Azure — 2 Face Slore

Brittany Azure

Brittany Azure — 2 Face Slore. Let’s see the place do I begin about her As soon as she goes after each single individual on this planet go in after child mamas child daddies however she will’t even handle her child she lied to her ex partner saying it was his child discover out that the DNA take a look at got here again detrimental she lied to him about an entire terrier about that child she retains harassing him saying she needs injury deposit and blah blah blah however the humorous factor is he paid your entire payments while you’re behind each time he received off work he took care of that child all you probably did was sleep and get excessive when he got here dwelling the infant had a full diaper no bottle screaming and crying it’s best to get your child taken You’re not a match mom you’re not a match mom All you do is go after each single individual and never fear about your daughter all you do is smoke pot each single day I assure your daughters fuking ravenous since you maintain asking each single individual for cash additionally to stated your mommy and daddy will help you anymore since you reduce them out I hope you rot in hell as a result of that’s the place you belong nobody fuking likes you in any respect you’re only a two-faced wanna be liar who causes drama each single day no marvel why you don’t have buddies or a partner to have in your life that will help you since you’re only a freak a loopy bipolar freak I hope karma involves you quickly since you deserve it.

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