Brittany Lanie homewrecker in Springfield Illinois

Brittany Lanie

Brittany Lanie homewrecker in Springfield Illinois. This woman came onto my feed as “Ella May” I be had a lil bit of a girl crush physically and she was liking my posts and pics etc. So I showed her to my spouse. We got to talking about a possible screen play idea we had and wanted her to be a part. I asked her. She was so kind and friendly. We even invited this woman into our own home! Come to find out she had been chatting. With my husband and sending pics and vids and chatting with him like she likes him for OUR FUCKING MONEY!!!!!! Her fb name is now “Brittany Lanie” this is that profile ( ) her original “Ella May” link is here (… ) after several times begging him to stop the interaction on Sunday when I begged and cried again he slapped me across the face twice on each side. Choked me. Then headbutted me. My forehead was pouring blood. I thought I was going to die and bleed out. Yesterday I had my spouse arrested and I have the divorce and OP paperwork ready. This will be the third formal charge on him for beating me. I hope this lil tramp is proud of herself. What a joke of a girls girl. Smiling in my face and taking my husbands attn and MY FUCKING MONEY!

Mike: What am I reading.

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