Chev St. Germaine Tweeked Out Sk@Nk

Chev St. Germaine

Chev St. Germaine Tweeked Out Sk@Nk. This is among the craziest Pepsi Slores I’ve ever met in my life. Self absorbed b1tch. She’s going to spit you out and chuck you to the aspect for what ever is healthier and chase who ever has the largest bag of blow! This woman was courting 3 completely different guys directly the 2 she was severe with hunter and zack ended up getting her pregnant she didn’t know who the dad was!!! She then went out of province to abort the newborn at like 6 mouth alongside as a result of she wouldn’t cease doing blow and sucking d1ck! By no means thoughts this b1tch staying up all evening parting and going to work nonetheless railed out of her thoughts! What the individuals at that place should suppose wow!! She wants severe assist I recommend staying so far as attainable away from this ugly b1itch! Additionally her home is so nasty it smells like somebody took a sh1t on the rug and smeared it on the partitions!

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