Chris Halper — Chicago Drug Addicted Right Wing Scvm!

Chris Halper

Chris Halper — Chicago Drug Addicted Right Wing Scvm!. Chris Halperof Chicago is actually the largest scvm bag, mendacity loser recognized to probably exist. To begin with, he’s a pathetic film director, hooked on ache killers and meth. He’s always excessive, smoking meth each hour he’s awake, his pores and skin is typically damaged out and he LOVES to choose at it. For those who’re un-lucky to be one of many many ladies he hooks up with, you’re probably to see alcohol prep pads in his house (in all probability for injecting meth). He has a historical past of doing meth and morphine, so in all probability continues to be doing these as nicely contemplating how ugly he appears. He’s 49 years previous however acts like an immature 17 12 months previous child. Chris compelled a chick to abort his little one 15 years in the past and left her in any case. He prefers to spend his time with floozies, alcoholics, and gun fanatics. He has no morals in any way, has cheated on each girl he has ever “dated”, and is open about Mysoginistic philosophies he adheres to. He hangs round absolute scvm bag girls, so watch out if you happen to hook up with him, as a result of you’ll probably be stalked by the opposite psychotic drug addicts he has intercourse with. He’s a horrible excuse of a “man”. He additionally imagine Covid- 19 is a “hoax” created by a “World Elite” Final however not least, he bodily assaults the gals he hooks up with, like really beats them up!

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