Chris Kovacs “Mason” The Crackhead Simp

Chris Kovacs

Chris Kovacs “Mason” The Crackhead Simp. This guys title is chris kovacs. The cr@ckhead likes to name himself “Mason”. The cr@ck should acquired you combined up together with your names buddy LOL he began out with coke however steadily acquired into cr@ck, meth will in all probability be the subsequent step. This man is sooo determined for pu55y he went and dropped just a few payments on a floozy and STILL acquired curved. Even b1tches who promote their pu55y wouldn’t truly give it to this ugly poc confronted loser. Employers beware as he drank at his final job and flipped the corporate truck drunk as fuk, in addition to doing and bringing pepsi over the province on work jobs. Anybody else that’s acquired a problem with this little b1tch, beware once more as he’s a cop calling pu55y who hides behind his large momma

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