Chris Ladas — Biggest Narcissistic Loser… EVER!

Chris Ladas

Chris Ladas — Biggest Narcissistic Loser… EVER!. Right here is Belleville and surrounding areas, best! He claims to b this nice man, together with his life so as, who owns a profitable enterprise. however the unhappy actuality, is that he’s a low life pepsi snorting alcoholic, who’s enterprise is managed from his mattress… if managed in any respect. He spends most of his time at [REDACTED], ingesting and shopping for medicine, after which spends days in mattress with nervousness and melancholy. He beats ladies, makes use of them for what they will provide, and as soon as they begin to battle again or demand change, poof, he’s on to the following. Be careful women! Annnnnnnd… he’s an undercover man lover! Wrap that if you happen to’re going to faucet that!

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