Christodoulos back at it

Christodoulos back at it

Christodoulos back at it. Master manipulator, mental and physical abuser, predator.
Has mentally of physically abused as well as sexually harassed over 300+ women in his lifetime. He just recently got an assault charge finally and he still doesn’t stop. He’s on many dating sites and he will also just add random girls on Facebook or slide into random girls dm’s and make you feel “bad” for him so you give in to what he wants. Once you engage with him he will not stop. He will send you dick pics from the moment you say hi to him, he will convince you to hang with him and then force you to suck him off or do anything he wants. He is aggressive, he will choke, bite, hold you down against what you say and he will do it hard. He isn’t afraid to take full control of you. Search his name in groups and you’ll see all the stories about this guy. Run for your life. Don’t do it don’t message him don’t even try to look his way. Don’t give him the time of day. Once he’s been to your house he will just show up unannounced and come in. PLEASE AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS. He’s dirty, he’s given many girls herpes, he’s been everywhere and then some. He has about 4 children that he’s never cared for. Avoid this man, spread the word.

Mike: Sending dick pic after hi is bold lol

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