Christopher Kwok is a shitty submissive literally

Christopher Kwok

Personal Information: Note

Christopher Kwok came to me for a dominatrix session. He was curious about pegging and I usually don’t do first-timers, but he was cute, and I was strapped for cash. I gave him explicit instructions on how to prepare. If you don’t know, you can’t just get fucked up the ass without giving yourself an enema, or else it gets messy. I even told him he could clean up in my place. When he showed up, I asked if he was clean, and he ensured me he had followed my instructions.

Well, he hadn’t. While fucking him, things got really messy, and my duvet ended up getting stained. I got pissed and kicked him out. It took hours before the stench was gone from my room. Worst of all, when I checked the cash he gave me, he was $60 short.

He’s a crafter at Hey Hey Drinks.

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