Cody Diablo Kyle Chilliwack’s Wannabe Bl00d

Cody Diablo

Cody Diablo Kyle Chilliwack’s Wannabe Bl00d. Cody Diablo Kyle greatest l0$er he’ll sleep together with your g and lie about it to your face He likes to celebration with [REDACTED] 27 years previous. Most likely makes him really feel younger once more cuz this gross fxxx can’t develop up if his life trusted it Calls Claims to have given his ex lady DRDs and didn’t even inform the lady. this loser laughs about it cuz she cheated on him so he calls it “karma” Child thinks he’s a d3alr perhaps makes 50 an evening j0ke He’ll try to fxxk your lady proper infront of you and nonetheless calls you his buddy. Youngsters goofy He’ll rip you off or try to make your lady $uck his cru$ty $hrimp any manner he can then fully ignore you when confronted about it Claims to be h@rd however when $xxt goes down he would be the first to snitch 9 Cody’s Kyle a px$$ he’ll $3xually harass any lady who’s round cr33py p00r w@nn@be bl00d solely g@ng he’s @a part of is Chilliwack’s cr@ck head military

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