Crackhead lying scumbag thief

scumbag thief

Crackhead, lying, scumbag thief. Careful Kitchener-Waterloo and tri-city surrounding area!
This charming “fellow” is quickly becoming one of Kitchener’s biggest crackheads who will do almost anything to get himself that next toke!
He will lie, cheat and steal from you, me or anybody he can. Including his own family members, friends and relatives. And unfortunately that’s only what he does and to who on a good day! God knows what he will do on a bad day! (Eeewww)
He lays on the charm pretty thick, do not fall for it!! Because my friend and I unfortunately both fell for it and we can promise you, that he’s ONLY looking for who he can completely screw over, damn near ruin, just so he can get that next crack toke!

Mike: Holy Shit this guy took a lot of selfies. Email Redacted

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