D Myke Pathological Liar And Wannabe Gangster

D Myke

D Myke Pathological Liar And Wannabe Gangster. Lied about race saying he’s center jap and Spanish. He’s black and white. He says he made cash from promoting dope however he truly is a homosexual male floozy. He thinks he’s the following drake. He married some Spanish woman for $20k supposedly. Mentioned he had a drug downside and went to rehab. Mentioned he grew up in a horrible surroundings and his entire household is poor. His dad would beat him. Mentioned he takes care of his complete household Mentioned “nyc wants him” for weed (bear in mind nyc had loads of weed earlier than him and nobody I do know even is aware of who he’s) Spends cash on a publicist to get articles on the market to get his Instagram verified and paid cash for that too Spends cash for different rappers to be in songs with him Spends cash for shitty music movies Invests in making an attempt to be a rapper however by no means succeeded Sells sh1tty weed and stole the thought from Personal Jet Mentioned that he stopped a man from stabbing him and his buddy obtained stabbed and referred to as the cops and now his buddy is mad at him Mentioned the entire metropolis of New York stopped and there was flyers being handed out together with his title on it and an entire bunch of sh1t saying he’ll die at 35 Mentioned the police wished him to be an undercover and he selected to proceed promoting medication Buys women low-cost purses and provides them $1k as a result of no woman would give him the time of day as a result of he’s corny. His canine obtained stolen and he lied saying he employed private personal investigators. He simply referred to as 911 and cried nonstop and was afraid to method the younger little woman. He truly comes from a rich white washed household who made positive he obtained correct schooling and went to school until he was 30. Went to nyc to pursue a modeling profession and now thinks he’s a gangster The largest device you’ll ever meet and Pathological liar.

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