Danii Valentine Ugly Catfish Toronto Pepsi Loving Floozy

Danii Valentine

Danii Valentine Ugly Catfish Toronto Pepsi Loving Floozy. This b1tch is ugly af appears to be like like a tr@nny edits the fuk outta her pictures she doesn’t even appear like the identical particular person for those who have been to run into her the one manner you’d realize it was her is by her sh1tty sleeves she claims she’s some huge tattoo mannequin when she purchased all her ig followers nobody likes her she’s uneducated and nothing however a nasty whore she went straight to sucking d1ck and floozing proper outta Highschool began at nasty a55 Filmores the place she would snort pepsi off soiled Pakistanis and allow them to finger her in vip she bought ran outta Filmores and began dancing at [REDACTED] the place those who observe her on ig would are available to see her and legit go away trigger they stated she appears to be like like a washed up crack hear in particular person. She ruined her physique with these sh1tty tattoos botched boob job her nipple are as much as her chin she’s a joke she had a lot fillers in her lips that all of it migrated to her moustache she appears to be like like a duck from the facet she’s at all times pepsied out she’ll fuk anybody they provides her the slightest consideration I noticed her suck Okay of some soiled guys d1ck within the washrooms finally name Monday’s she comes from a household of whites her sister Nicole jardim thinks she’s some huge trend editor when in actuality she’s a retard and everybody feels sorry for her trigger nobody desires her males’s use her for head then reduce her off like her soiled humorous sister Danielle jardim. Let’s not neglect the queen b of sluts miss jaana jardim ? Dyer? Who even is aware of what her final title is now she’s ran by way of so many males it’s disgusting that’s why her daughters are pleased with being a slore. Jaana thinks she’s higher then everybody trigger she works some sh1tty nurse job in Mississauga when is actuality she’s a slore they’ll’t preserve a person round she was with Dan dyer who’s properly know within the Christian neighborhood and fortunately the person got here to his senses and bought away from that trash bag household he legit stated Danielle and her slore methods is the rationale why he left her mother . You should be proud Danielle ruining everybody’s life round you trigger you may’t cease spreading your roast beef trying pu55y

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