Darlin Yvette Lara homewrecker

Darlin Yvette Lara

Darlin Yvette Lara homewrecker. So this is my home wrecker. I mean can I even call her that when my home was broken but we were working on rebuilding it?

I went in on him already even drove him to her house where a man came out and said he was her husband. Hahahah!! She came out and brought both of her kids out at 2-3am. Come on, protect your kids don’t wake them up and bring them out- but I guess hoe bags function that way.

They met at a bar. They spent 3,5,7 hours every day on the phone and had 200-300 text messages very effin day. Day before thanksgiving my husband threw an effin tantrum, that’s when I let them both know I knew what was going on. They both denied it. When I called her and asked for my husband Rene Espinoza she asked who I was when I said his wife, she hung up and never picked the phone up. Instead she called him, I saw in real time the calls and bs going back and forth with them before he picked my call up. One personat his job had warned me- which is how I found out almost two mths before I let them know I knew this bs.

I messaged her and tagged her on fb to come pick him and his ish up. She blocked me.

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