Dave Woods — Cheating Fat Abusive POS Biker Hater

Dave Woods

Dave Woods — Cheating, Fat, Abusive POS Biker Hater. Meet Dave Woods he’s a fats lazy, online game taking part in huge fats youngster who lives at his dad and mom home and cheats and lies and beats on all his gfs. Right here is one right here. Dave posted about his ex on this web site as a result of he’s jealous and is a BIKER HATER. Lips off about full patch members and thinks he’s cool cuz he collects Pokémon playing cards and cheats and lies to everybody he meets. Keep away from this goof he’ll strive his finest to break ur life and play the sufferer. He additionally likes it within the a55!!!!!!!!! Be at liberty to a55 fk his fats a55 til he cries hahahahahahahahahhaahhahahah chilly case what?!?! He simply jealous cuz he ain’t no biker and NEVER WILL BE!!!!! 😂😂😂😂🐽🐽🐽🐽

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