Dayshown Lindsey [REDACTED] Is A Cvmgluzzing Funky Dog Headed B1tch With Bad Ph BALANCE

Dayshown Lindsey

Dayshown Lindsey [REDACTED] Is A Cvmgluzzing , Funky Dog Headed B1tch With Bad Ph BALANCE. I usually don’t even tackle this b1tch. But it surely’s clear as fuk that shes feeling herself. For one Dayshown how is it that your pu55y is so ran by way of and dirtier than the road you reside on? South Roman btw. You might be one thing in how these males gassed you up however I do know you and your hole tooth having smile and pu55y higher than most. This funky canine headed b1tch with unhealthy PH BALANCE has the audacity to have an angle at any time when somebody speaks to her. Then once more when you’ve got 5 funky a55 dysfunctional a55 youngsters that want self-discipline……its not tough to inform. This goofy a55 b1tch will get in males inboxes propositioning them like a h0e off backpage who’s providing 50 {dollars} sucks and fuks YET dont know a rattling factor concerning the dude she conversating with. You Dayshown Lindsey or [REDACTED] on IG are a muthafuking hen . Discover ways to cease carrying extreme make-up trigger yo funky a55 be wanting casket prepared in your footage and please return these bundles to the various horses which are in all probability throwing mood tantrums all around the nice state of Louisiana trigger your funky a55 sashaying all up and down the streets of the ninth ward. I imply let’s be sincere Dayshawn you ain’t nothing however cvm pictures to the face and a uber trip residence. With you little huge head a55. Get your sh1t collectively h0e. Have some respect on your clientele. I imply because you already acquired the mannerisms and mindset of a Renegade b1tch. Oh and apply correct hygiene…you understand douche each one and and some time and simply so you understand your PH BALANCE might be off trigger you retain letting these soiled d1ck n****s penetrate you

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