Dirty drugged out stripper Morgan Patricia

Morgan Patricia

Dirty drugged out stripper Morgan Patricia. Well where should I start with this Whore , sells drugs wanna be gross stripper lol , stalks guys adds other men’s boyfriends .she’s not a girls girl at all , she’s trashy has stds and party and does coke sells it too , crack also moves around I’ve seen a few girls post about her it’s not good she will never grow up makes fbs and instagram accounts , thinks people like her and we don’t she used be my friend lol I seen her be shady as fuck , she try’s to hook up with other womans men , she’s a home wrecking trash I hope karma get’s her , and I hope the next man dms your on his gf beats your ass , we see you . She just moved to Calgary from Kelowna works at strip clubs / or selling drugs to your man and trying to fuck him . Plus she cheats on guys she dates so you wanna date her be careful . Wrap it to give you and std .

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