Erik Micheal David Saunders

Erik Micheal

Erik Micheal David Saunders. Erik your so ballsy for someone who runs away when their ex girlfriend’s older brother comes to beat him for sexually assaulting his little sister and abusing her. You wanna air everyone’s dirty laundry? Here’s yours. And here’s the facts. You abused your ex girlfriend for well over a year, all her friends, her family, your friends saw what you put her through. You used her for drugs, alcohol and money. You used her mom and her for somewhere to stay, and blatantly cheated on her. You have used most of your old friends for money, food, drugs, and alcohol. You have used many, and multiple girls for sex. You have dated minors, and have been in active relationships with minors. You threatened a senior citizen. And most importantly, you layed hands on your 5ft, 110lb ex girlfriend. And when she tried to speak up about it? You made sure, and did everything you could so no one would believe her. You are not a good person. I have watched you come into peoples lives and destroy their mental health. You can barely afford to even live on your own!! For years you mooched off everyone around you! And you have disrespected your mother on numerous occasions. You act and believe that your so smart, but you didn’t even graduate. You had a drug addiction so you could loose weight, and you’ve scammed so many inncocent people of money! Your friends with guys the city police call “wannabe thugs”, and even yourself is a wannabe thug. You run back to your foster mothers because they are the only ones left that care about you. Not only that you tried to replace a family’s son, because you were that jealous, and you needed a family that bad. You have threatened so many girls!! All because they stood up to you! And you acted like it was okay by simply saying “I can hit her if they threaten me”. You believe that it’s okay, and that your allowed to hurt females. You are a true embarrassment to men. Shame on you, you disgust me. And I know for a fact there are so many people out there who agree. Lethbridge,Brooks, and Medicine Hat know you, the girls in these cities know you. And know what you’ve done, and what your capable of doing. You are not a good person, and that’s why you hang around the group Medicine Hat knows as the “wannabe gangsters”. You’ve threatened so many innocent lives, you aren’t a saint either. You are the reason that males in this generation are looked down upon. And that’s not fair to them.

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