Eve Kanyo — Clout Chasing Floozy

Eve Kanyo

Eve Kanyo — Clout Chasing Floozy. Hey, submitting a tip about wannabe actress and clout chasing sloot Eve Kanyo. She briefly dated Logan pauls assistant David attempting to get some clout (when Logan wouldn’t look twice at her) however he dropped her as soon as he came upon she was a floozy, and went after her significantly better trying enemy(a lady named paige.) She’s been floozing herself in Miami however needed to run away to Mexico as a result of nobody would contact her anymore. Comes from a white trash, grime poor household out in Niagara Falls, so is sensible that she turned to floozing, however now she cant preserve a buddy or a person. Put up this so guys and women know to avoid her, she’s had drd no less than twice and is understood to lie and promote herself/her mates out to get what she needs. Common trying woman to start with, tried to make herself attention-grabbing however ended up simply deranged and drd. Connected is a pic, in the event you see her, watch your self…and your wallets.

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