Ex WPS Tyler Kotowicz

Tyler Kotowicz

Ex WPS Tyler Kotowicz. Introducing Tyler Kotowicz!! This north finish Rez thinks she he’s smarter than the entire public well being system of execs. He’s an anti masker that denies c0vid exists and claims that is all the federal government attempting to realize “management” Tyler was aside of the Winnipeg police till he determined he was smarter then all of them and tried to steal a number of issues. All whereas solely 6 months on the job. After getting fired and giving up a pension and advantages he determined to develop into bar safety! Now he has moved his method as much as a bartender at La Roca! If he had the balls overtly steal from the Winnipeg Police, one can solely think about how a lot he’s stolen from any bar he works at. This man is a shady as they arrive. He nonetheless lives within the ghetto north finish won’t ever depart. Most guys his age already personal homes and have careers. He actually retains getting worse with age, I can’t think about how sh1ty it should really feel having to simply accept cerb out of your sh1tty bartending Job when u have a child. Doesn’t your fiancé make greater than u? Oh wait guess she’s outta work now too! Ethical of the story don’t take heed to something this idiot has to say. This man is up to now gone and given up on his sh1tty existence that he gained’t cease til he tries bringing extra down with him. I’m predicting his fiancé leaves him as his Blatant denial of c0vid will have an effect on her profession at [REDACTED]. Any healthcare career studying this please boycott her courses

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