FARSHID AYON from Toronto and Niagara massive scammer alert!


FARSHID AYON from Toronto and Niagara massive scammer alert!. Farshid Ayon, owner of Ayon Design & Build corp is a massive scammer in Toronto! He will fool you into trusting him at first telling you all these creative ways to add value to your home and even using his social skills to make you trust him! This is where everything gets extremely scary. A friend of mine engaged him for a project to renovate a home. Farshid proceeded to tell her all the plans and steps he wants to take. He asked for a large deposit so he can begin the work and he says he needs it to buy the material and pay his workers. He proceeded to take the deposit and never ended up showing to the job site. She filed a huge fraud case against him and now it is in court.

Please refer to googling his YELP Page, you will discover there are many more victims. Toronto police need to be notified of his fraudulent behaviour. Apparently he owns several companies under the name of “Ayon Design Build registered” and “Ayon Holding Corp”. Please do not engage with this scammer individual. He is a liar and a cheater. It is sick to know he has a wife and kids that he goes home too and feeds, meanwhile it is off the backs of the victims he is stealing from. Word has it he even used some of the money he stole to buy multiple investment properties. Please use the comment section below to outline similar experiences. Victims should come together to file a police report against this disgusting sick person! Apparently he also cheats on his wife but that’s a different story that we were able to gather from his mutual friends! We have screen shots of him sending messages to random girls on Instagram! Makes sense given his character

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