Fatass Sydney osgood

Fatass Sydney

Fatass Sydney osgood. She is the fattest whale I have ever seen, she could literally kill you with one of her sloppy droopy fat tits. She’s so fat you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant. She is such a whore for every guy, she’s fucked every one of her friends boyfriends and even her sisters. She smokes meth with her mom while her daughter is in her care. And she uses guys for money and gives them sex in exchange. She literally cheats on every guy she dates because she’s such a horny little slut. She treats her mom like shit and they’re always fighting her mom doesn’t even want her living in the house. Sydney is a cop caller she can cause shit and threaten you but the minute you actually do something she goes running to the cops. Shes so poor she has to live off aish because she owes child tax and she got kicked off of income tax because she was buying drugs. She does meth all the time and claims the scabs on her face are from acne but who’s stupid enough to even believe that? Literally everyone knows she smokes meth yet she doesn’t loose weight cause she’s a fat horse who always needs to be fed. Keep your men away from her ladies, she might fuck them

Mike: Wait, this is the same person? What has she been through?

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