Flora OH Is... A Dirty Stealing Floozy

Flora OH

Flora OH Is… A Dirty Stealing Floozy. Flora was the one I finally found. She lives a double, triple and quadruple lifestyle, so it was difficult to find her. She was actually someone I met through a floozy agency a few years back (i know ..).). I was going through a difficult divorce and was looking for something non-attached. Although we only connected 6-7 times, I trusted her completely and shared bits of my life with her. I treated her well, took her on dates, business trips and weekend getaways with me. She was an excellent dancer and a fun person to distract from my thoughts. About 5’2″ and petite, she has a fair/tanned complexion. She also does Hawaiian Hula dancing. She graduated from [REDACTED] in her 30s. This is a lot of information, but I’m sure you’ll see why. She was not as friendly when I booked her for a night out. Or she tried to fake it. She was always complaining about money, this money that.. (which I understand is a common theme among these girls who live extravagant lives and have a high standard of living.) So I assumed she was asking for an increase in her allowance. I always try to accommodate girls I like, so if she needs extra cash, I’d be glad to help. The bad vibes started to set in because we planned to use the hot tub and shower together. We returned to the hotel first, and I found some things in the private safe provided by most hotels. I had planned to use some of the cash for an underground gambling and sports betting ring (once more, I know.. don’t judge). Over dinner, I mentioned it to her and her eyes lit up for the second time. Again, I trusted her. As I said that I would wait downstairs for her, she stated she wanted to store her expensive jewelry (just so she wouldn’t get caught up in housekeeping). I said, “Yes, sure. Don’t mind the stuff inside.”. I gave her the safe code. She ran away the next moment, and I’m pretty sure she was greedy. Money is subjective in both my world and the normal world. I had approximately 15k in my safe with all new bills. Part of that was going to be paid back to her for her time. However, some personal items can’t be replaced. That night was all about principles.. and breaking certain agreements in the business world…that’s why I made this post. My dad made me a watch and she cleaned my feet. (So I can’t run after her??). If she had just told me that she wanted more money, then I would have been willing to communicate with her so she was satisfied. Anyway, I didn’t get her real name before that, as she used an alias, and a burner telephone. I also had to do a FULL SVU criminal investigation crimescene on her, since I didn’t have any way to find her. I later learned that floozy had left the agency. She decided to run after me because she suspected that I was her last client. This part is a little creepy, but it was necessary for me to be furious. I had only a few photos and her DNA (from water bottles, toothbrushes, hair ties, etc.) to work with. I hired a private detective to match up everything, and then inquired with my friend, a lawyer, about what she was going to tell the judge. Your gambling money was taken by your friend. This will not look good on your, especially as you are still fighting for full custody “…. So I decided to drop all charges against her and just wanted to talk to her. She has been a long-term partner for many years. I assumed she was single because she was busy booking clients and hustling them. But, I was wrong. I didn’t want her to turn this into a full SVU murder investigation. I decided to drop that. Flora Oh, I now know everything I need to about you. I tried texting/calling, but I think you blocked me because you knew the person. I know where your office is. I know where you are located and I will decide what I do with this information the next time. This is not an indication that you are going to do anything, but it is a warning.

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