Geoffrey G Snider Snake In Disguise

Geoffrey G Snider

Geoffrey G Snider Snake In Disguise. Began relationship him a 12 months after my husband died. He moved in very very simply into my husband’s home, automobile, and even wore my husband’s underwear! Not that for much longer he acquired arrested and fired from his job. Because the time went on he refused to get a job or work at something authorized what so ever, however was able to take part in any of the shady sh1t. Cheated with something with that had a gap between their legs. All at my expense. In my automobiles. In 5 years he labored 7 days. He talks an enormous sport about all of the buildings and lodges he constructed, blah blah blah. He beat me up a number of occasions, i acquired an ambulance trip the final time. He pawned my wedding ceremony rings, my husband’s wedding ceremony rings, all my husbands watches, my filth bike, simply to say a couple of issues, all for his meth behavior. He entertained nasty h0es like a king. With out my permission he took two of vehicles to run to his infants mama aspect and each acquired impounded and misplaced. Every part he has that h e calls his personal is stolen from another person. He beat up his infants mama, he beat me up, he beat up his son and even closed fist punched the canine we had. He’s the most important narcissist I’ve ever met. He made positive I misplaced all the things and was homeless, and each cent was spent earlier than he tucked tail and left. To his subsequent sufferer. He can speak you into something, he’s very convincing and doesn’t take “no” as a solution. He’s a imply horrible individual that lies and steals each day. BEWARE PEOPLE

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