Geraldine Gibson

Geraldine Gibson

Geraldine Gibson. She is 52 years old. She like men that are 22 years younger then her. She even loves this two twins. She talks shit when she is confronted with the truth and she doesn’t like it when people stand up for themselves. She thinks she knows everything. Heck she even thinks she knows everything about tik tok. She tried to tell a person that they had to go on to a person’s profile to block them when mods can block people and they stay block and can’t come to the person’s live anymore. She likes to make people push eachother away and she did it to someone I know where geraldine made people push my friend away and my friend started to push other people away and Geraldine got mad at my friend because she has a little bit of a had time pronouncing names and my friend is the one who come up with the nick name gg for Geraldine. And she expects my friend to say her first name. And yet Geraldine expects my friend not to say her name when Geraldine said her real name and tik tok name more then once and I even caught it a few times too and told my friend about it. Oh she even yells at her dog all the time and she even yells at her grand nieces and nephews as well. She lives with her sister as well. She doesn’t like living without her sister in the same house. Oh she even had a dream where she had sex with the twins that are 37 years old

Mike: The hate is real

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