GOLD DIGGER Anna Panagiotidis Pashalis

Anna Panagiotidis

GOLD DIGGER Anna Panagiotidis Pashalis. Anna panagiotidis “Anna Panna” is a well known gold digger who used to work at [REDACTED] in Wilmington. She informed all of her coworkers she wished to fulfill a wealthy man,lure him, and by no means should work once more. She was so determined she would put on large padded bras, tons of make-up and filters on her images and sit on the laps of all of her regulars on the restaurant together with my husband. Alongside got here Gus Pashalis who owns Estia and he bit the bait. Anna duped him into marrying her and now she brags to all of her associates and her disgusting balding youthful sister (who Anna desperately tried to “make over” which didn’t work as a result of her sister is a literal walrus) that she has his cash and him underneath her management.

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