Highly Filtered Cassandra Lay from Leduc

Highly Filtered

Highly Filtered Cassandra Lay from Leduc. Let me introduce you to the highly filtered Cassandra from Leduc and her many alias’s. This chick is a master in love bombing, gas lighting and flooding techniques. She tells you everything you want to hear and promises you that she isn’t talking to any of her ex’s, but behind your back she is. The moment you get into a fight with her she will seek out any attention she can get from any other man by going back on the dating sites or the bar. Heaven forbid if you have any other females in your life because she is extremely jealous and assumes your sleeping with them all. If you block all contact, she will still reach out through her various email accounts, Facebook accounts and phone numbers. And if that doesn’t work she will pass your number on to her “friends” so that they can harass you. If you do end up taking her home after all of this wrap it up, as her ex baby daddy passed on the gift that keeps on giving and she isn’t upfront with any of her partners.

Mike: How many fb account she needs? And no, no way she’s 40. The last pic is like 2 minutes away from dying

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