Infinite Aka Dale Francis Was Washed Up Rapper Is a Dirtbag Broke Loser

Aka Dale Francis

Infinite Aka Dale Francis Was Washed Up Rapper Is a Dirtbag Broke Loser. This rapper is a cheating liar. Although his fame was over in the 90’s, he still acts as if he’s a GOAT. He is a father to multiple children, one of which he lives with. While running around the GTA, he mocks any girl who doesn’t believe his BS. His wife/baby mother is his current partner and he pays his bills. He also drives his Benz while he convinces other women to pay him money, take him on trips and buy him stuff. He is never paid for anything and is always broke. He may have children he does not know about. His specialty is single, vulnerable moms who lack confidence and are lonely. He doesn’t believe in morality and will do anything to get his girls or babymothers girlfriends. He can twist any sentence to make you look bad. He will make you look bad if you criticize him. He claims he sleeps on a couch. He conveniently skipped a murder trial that he was facing in 2010. The evidence against him was overwhelming, but he claims to be a G on the streets. He also reunited with his ‘rich” baby mother at the same time that he was paying legal fees. He was still living with his parents, even though he was financially stable. Sources are credible and show that he has been using, cheating, and womanizing since 2006, when he also left his fiance at home. Many women in the GTA and abroad have seen him. He claims that he is obsessed with stalkers and has obsessive fans. His cute smile and soft words are not worth the craziness or the smaller than average package. To his wife/baby mom, give your head a shake and get out of there while you can.

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