Jackie Bear ‘Junked Out’ Bear

Jackie Bear

Jackie Bear ‘Junked Out’ Bear. Meet Winnipeg’s sleaziest. This bish would promote something for some extent of down. She throws her youngsters, her buddies and her personal husband underneath the bus. This dumb slag can’t even spell loyal. She lives off of ice cream sandwiches, sweet, and fent. She shamelessly throws herself throughout any man in a 6 block radius EXCEPT for her hubby who she treats like rubbish. She “takes care of” and aged man by stealing 4 grand off him a month whereas letting him get devoured by mattress bugs. She’s allergic to cleanliness and honesty. She reacts by violently lashing out and utilizing tears and delusional situations as manipulation. This 400lb land whale thinks she will be able to sing however she seems like somebody took a chainsaw to a cat. She “takes folks in” after which as an alternative of paying the hire or payments she makes use of their cash for down and the second they a lot as run to the shop she cleans them out for each factor they personal. Phrase. The Northside sloot greases everybody and makes use of their addictions to regulate them. She has slept along with her BFFs males, lies about the whole lot, nevermind two-faced this bish has 4 of em no less than. She performs the sufferer however make no mistake… she’s a liar, a thief, a fraud, a narcissist, a greasy h0e, a junkie, a horrible spouse and mom, and a despicable human being. Beware. DO NOT FEED THE BEAR. She’ll suck you in along with her pretend a55 crap after which eat you alive. CANNOT BE TRUSTED. She’d use this publish to show how arduous performed by she is after which she’ll test off each field right here, gentle you on hearth and go away you for lifeless. She is pure evil with the face of an angel however I promise you that is the worst particular person you’ll ever encounter.

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