Janelle Taylor — Janellashake You Dirty B1tch

Janelle Taylor

Janelle Taylor — Janellashake You Dirty B1tch. Tik toks greatest sloot nik, actual life she’s a loser and doesn’t need to have her youngsters. Will get her child to movie her whereas she shakes her ass looking for sugar daddies on-line. I’ve by no means seen such a unfit mom, children are left on their very own whereas she always is on her cellphone. She offers her infant gravol to make her sleep so she will make her movies. She is a chunk of sh1t. She must have her youngsters taken away till she makes them a precedence. She is going to let the children go with out primary wants however has all the cash on this planet for outfits. Janelle it’s time to place your children first.

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