Janis Tiegs-Wakaluk — Smelly Butt Sects Anyone?

Janis Tiegs

Janis Tiegs-Wakaluk — Smelly Butt Sects Anyone?. Hey Nik, Meet Janis! Janis Tiegs-Wakaluk couldn’t maintain a person after giving beginning resulting from a prolapsed v@g. It virtually dropped proper out, so she needed to get all of it sewn again in by docs. She wore a large pu55y girdle for a 12 months after that, however these kegels by no means fairly got here again. Now this fats b1&ch wears huge plugs in most openings down there. You possibly can see the scale of her toys, issues aren’t so small today. She will be able to solely entice homosexual males up to now her now, by letting them take her humongous a55 from behind whereas she makes use of her husky sounding voice. She even wears huge gap plugs at work, Shes a pharmasist or one thing on the hospital in Purple Deer. She’s even been busted a time or two leaving her huge “plugs” behind at work. She is an enormous f@t smelly slore with gaping holes. Keep away STAY AWAY …..except you’re keen on sloppy lose anal butt sects. gah, when you scent the scent although………

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