Jassie Jopko Hartnell Fort Mac Human Waste

Jassie Jopko

Jassie Jopko Hartnell Fort Mac Human Waste. This chick has six children and he or she solely takes care of them by spreading her legs in little one help that she dates previous fats man and persuade her mates that they need to all get pregnant by him so they may all be wealthy collectively and purchase million greenback homes. She has no schooling and beneath all these fillers and pretend sh1t she’s simply ugly little She doesn’t know learn how to handle her children no person within the neighbourhood likes them she screams and swears at them depart them for days however she goes on a pepsi binge she has had a majority of DRDs and boys don’t stick your d1ck on this as a result of you’re going to get it to you! Doesn’t even know who her kids’s child daddies are tried to say that the Ackermans or the daddy of one of many children however all of them hate her and he or she stalks them to at the present time. Poor woman Karen Ackerman mentioned that Jesse has been harassing them for years and that considered one of lately the police will arrest her. I feel she’s protected by her Hells angels boyfriend however actually everybody is aware of that Rob has a bunch different girlfriends on the facet. He was higher than to knock this one up as a result of she’s obtained a screw or 100 unfastened in her head. She’s a drain on society utilizing up all of the assets as a result of she will be able to’t hold her legs closed She needs to get pregnant so she will be able to hold the earnings coming so she will be able to afford what she thinks is an extravagant life-style however actually she’s only a welfare b1tch And fellas don’t even fall for the massive tits as a result of what they’re like mini basketball as laborious as rock and he or she’s obtained cellulite throughout her physique as a result of she’s lazy

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